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Create your professional brand image with this simple intuitive email messaging suite.

Open-Xchange | App Suite

Harmonise your company name, website domain name and email address and build confidence around your brand.

OX Mail: Open-Xchange (OX) is a market leader in mail/messaging and DNS-based security services. OX mail is clear and intuitive to use, with folders to organize emails, calendar for appointments scheduling and contacts for a centralized contact management.

Integrated with AVAS, anti-malware, anti-phishing and Ransomware protection, OX mail is completely safe and secure to use.

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Open-Xchange (OX) is a leader in open email platform. OX is used by international hosting and telco providers worldwide, including partners such as 1&1, Orange, Italiaonline, Comcast, GoDaddy, NTT or Softban. We can safely say that OX is a reliable email tool with the right support.

It uses an HTTP(S) server, AJAX technology and SMTP/IMAP/POP3 protocols. It has a MySQL back-end database.

OX Guard is based on the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption standard. Used to send and receive secure emails and encrypt files, this is one of the world's leading encryption technologies.

Yes, your Mail service will be setup upon purchase.

Yes, we can assist you to migrate your mail system to our Cloud platform. Request a quote for assitance

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