Developer Box

Cloud Developer Box hosted in Africa

Test our DevOps Lab and keep your genius local.

Developer Box


Per Month

  • 1 Virtual Cloud Instance
    1 vCPU, 512 MiB Memory, 10 GiB SSD, 500 GiB BW/mo

    1 Month FREE

    FREE SSL Certificate

    FREE Domain Name .africa

    FREE Set up fees

    Managed Kubernetes Platform

    Standard support

    Hosting in Lagos or Johannesburg

Developer Box

Designed for Startups and developers to host and manage their business in Cloud instance hosted in Africa smartly and hassle free.

Try our African cloud instance and test its resilience by yourself.

1 Virtual cloud instance

A managed Kubernetes platform

Free SSL Certificate

Free Domain Name .africa

Free SSL Certificate

Free Set up fees

Standard support

Complimentary standard support

Hosted in Lagos or Johannesburg

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